Photo Help

Please note the following on uploading photographs:

  • Only 1 (one) full photo of your mosaic – if it entails lots of detail work, please include on ly 1 (one)  photo of the detail – no more than this per mosaic please.
  • If you have made a number of similar items – please do not upload photo’s of each individual item!
The Photographs you upload are a reflection of the work you do as a mosaic artist and to make sure you make the best of this opportunity to showcase your abilities, follow these easy instruction


  • Click on PHOTOS Tab
  • Click on +ADD

Click on camera icon to ADD PHOTOS


This will open the explorer for your computer; navigate to where your photographs are stored on your computer.


Select the photo’s you want to upload and click on OPEN - they will then appear in the block that says ADD PHOTO's FROM YOUR COMPUTER ... at the bottom of the page click on UPLOAD.


You will see the list of photographs you have selected and as each one is loaded the red "X" will disappear


  • Once all the photographs are uploaded you will be given the option to EDIT UPLOAD PHOTOGRAPHS
  • TITLE – Delete any digital-camera generated numbers or file names and replace with a NAME for your Mosaic
  • DESCRIPTION – List the dimensions of the mosaic and if you wish - a short description of the background to you creating this mosaic
  • TAGS – words describing the mosaic, i.e. landscape, mirror, cross, abstract etc. and also materials. Separate each tag word with a comma. Write double words as one eg. stainedglass.  We would like to feature different themes of mosaics and instead of scrolling through all photographs; we could just sort them on the TAGS. If you do not “TAG” your photo’s they will not be included in the feature.

When you have finished the descriptions of each of the photo’s you have loaded you will find an option to CREATE AN ALBUM at the bottom of the page

  • This option is most handy to “group” your photographs together as in “My early work” or “Functional Mosaics”
  • Complete the Description of the Album or add the photographs to a previous album you may have created.
  • We tend to feature ALBUMS on the front page of the network instead of individual photographs which gives viewers a greater variety to view instead of 6/8 photo’s from the same artist.
  • Click SAVE to ensure all your hard work is uploaded and ready to be viewed.




If you have already uploaded photographs will digital camera headings,  you will need to follow these steps to perform some “Housekeeping” on your photographs:

  • Click on PHOTO’s from the front page and then click on MY PHOTO’S which will open a screen listing all the photographs YOU have uploaded
  • You will see which photo’s still have the digital camera number as its title
  • Select the photo you need to “clean up”

 A drop-down menu will appear above and to the right of the Photo listing a few options, including a DELETE Button (for future reference)


  •  Change the TITLE of the Photo
  • Add a DESCRIPTION of the Photo
  • Don’t forget to TAG your photo
  • List your town as the LOCATION – not your home address
  • Then Click on  SAVE  - all done!


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