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The network creator, administrators or moderators of CMA are unable to change ANY information on your profile page, beyond resetting an inappropriate photograph that you have uploaded of yourself. Ning Networks are designed in such a way that YOUR privacy is protected at all costs. The only information visible to us is your email address and we WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES pass this information on to anyone. You may choose to give a new friend on the network your personal details, but please do that via a MESSAGE and not as a COMMENT which is visible to everyone on the network.

Settings on CMA 

On all the pages in the upper right you will see a box with these links in it.
If you have any questions about these settings please ask one of the administrators.
  • You can sign out of CMA with the link or you can bookmark the site so that you return to CMA without having to sign in each time.
  • The inbox is where you receive notification of your email messages.  When you click that link you'll go straight to the Email section of CMA
  • You can invite your friends to join you on CMA - as long as they are mosaic artists
  • The final link shows all the setting you have available.
Remember to save any changes you make.

Your Personal Settings

There are several things for you to decide on in "My Settings"

The first - your photo and then filling in the other
information that is required.  If the profile questions aren't completed the changes you are wanting to make can't be saved.  There has to be something in each box.

UPLOAD A PHOTO OF YOURSELF (if you have not as yet done this!)

  • Before selecting BROWSE ensure that you have a clear head & shoulders photo of yourself and where it is saved on your computer and what it is called
  • Click on BROWSE and it will open your computer explorer, navigate to when the photo is and double click
  • Ensure that all the other information displayed in the profile questions is accurate and if you have not done so, please add the name of the town/city where you live – this makes it easier for members in your area to connect with you!
  • You may change any information on the PROFILE QUESTIONS if you so wish, and when you have ensured that all the information is correct, click on SAVE at the bottom of the page – otherwise your changes will not be reflected.
  Don't forget to save your work.


CMA is a very safe site.  All the members are carefully vetted and only mosaic artists are members of CMA.  If you click the link that only allows your friends or you to see particular items other members will be restricted from getting to know you becuase your information will not be available for them which will limit there ability tconnect with you.  Be sure to save your changes when you are finished.


In order to private email conversaton with  another member of CMA you must be their friend.  To become their "friend" go to their page and  click the link under their photo requesting them to be a friend.


At the bottom of the page of FORUM  listed topics are two links:

Add a Discussion                                                                        View All or

DISCUSSION: A topic that would encourage people to share their views and opinions.

Click on the link which will open a separate page where you need to firstly type your TOPIC SUBJECT and then write your opinion. 

Click on ADD DISCUSSION  when you have finished writing. 


Click on the topic header that you find interesting and read all the comments that have gone before. At the bottom you will find a comment box where you may add your comment to either the discussion or photograph.


Sometimes it is helpful to the reader of your comment to see the image you are referring to directly in the comment box. This makes it unnecessary to open another page or link to see the image.

Important: Make sure your image is not too large. It should be around 600 x 600 pixels. (If not, please resize a copy of the image. It is easy with a program like Microsoft Office Picture Manager.)


Click on the IMAGE button on top of the comment box (2nd from the left).

An ADD IMAGE box will open up.

Make sure From my computer is in bold.

Click on the Choose File button.  Search for the image on your computer, click on the image and then on Open.  Wait for the image to upload.

Choose the layout, padding and width.

- Layout:  This is where the image will appear in the comment box. (Usually you can just leave it at Full)

- Padding:  This creates a space around your image. (It is only necessary to insert a value if you insert a small image to the left or right with surrounding text. This will prevent the text from overflowing onto the image.)

- (Link):  This line will be automatically filled by Ning (it is where the image will be stored on the Ning network).

- Width:  This is more important. A value of 600 to 700 pixels should be fine.

Click OK.