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Tips on Using the Features of CMA


Are you new to this mosaic community or have you been away for a while and popping back to see what is happening? Here are a few ideas for getting (re)started.....

  • Please use your full, real name. This makes our "social" network that much more social. (Click Settings.)
  • Add a photo to your profile, this is something you agreed to when you became a member,  so that other mosaic enthusiasts can get to know you. (Click My Page.)
  • Customize your profile. Make sure that you have updated your profile as new questions have been added (Click My Page.)
  • View the Members page and send some friend requests to those you know, or wish to know. That way you can send and receive direct messages from those friends and control access to the content you post. (Click Members.)
  • Use the Invite features to bring your mosaic artist friends to the community. (Click Invite.)
  • Start a new discussion or comment on an existing discussion. (Click Forum and Start a new Discussion.)
You need to join a group before you can leave a comment or post a discussion topic.
Join a Group (Click on the photo of the group you wish to join or
via the drop down menu under the Members tab)
  • Want critique on your work? -  Think About It , read the instructions carefully and upload your mosaic for comment.
  • Have a charity or community project you need help with? -  Charities News is where you can post information.
  • Want to  find an opportunity in the U.S. or Internationally ? -  International Opportunities and U.S. Opportunities might have just what you are looking for.
  • Need some Help with a mosaic project? - Try the  HELP Group, start a new Discussion and ask the community for advice.
  • Looking for a mosaic class in your area or offering to teach? -  Mosaic Courses or check the tab -  Workshops.
  • Have a work in process that you would like advice about or you want other members to notice your progress post in  - Work in Progress.
  • Been traveling and seen some great mosaics? Let other members know about your discoveries - Mosaics You Found While Traveling.
  • Heading out on a travel adventure and want to connect with other mosaics artists - I'm Traveling is the place for you to make those connections.
  • Have you found something about mosaics in the news that you want to share with the other members - Mosaics in the News - will help keep us all up to date.
  • If you struggle with motivation and staying inspired the - Inspiration Group - is the place to get you creative juices flowing again.
  • The human figure has been the subject of great art forever and is in mosaics - The Nude Form in Mosaics, Necessary or Not.
  • Are there some exciting things happening for you or mosaic artists you might know? Share this exciting information in - Members News.
  • Do you have a blog?  Let the members of CMA know about it  by posting  the link - Blog.
  • Want to know where other members are located CMA has two places for you to discover your neighbor - Members Locations is the group and the Member Map (a tab).
  • Read any great books lately?  If so let other members know what they are and what you enjoyed about the book - Book Reviews.
  • Do you wonder how to turn you hobby into a profession - Mind Your Business -  is the place to find helpful advice
  • Fill the Walls - fill the walls of this group with the mosaics you entered into exhibitions whether they were accepted as a part of the exhibition or not.
  • Exhibition Reviews - have you been to an exhibition that thrilled you and you want others to benefit from it also?

The most important aspect of our community is YOUR participation. It is not fair to our members if you do not contribute anything but take everything they have to offer and not give anything in return. A comment on a photo, discussion or forum, uploading photo's of your work and allowing our members the pleasure of being inspired by your efforts all contributes towards the continued dynamics of our community.

We look forward to your participation!